About our fifth season (2014)

The fifth season of Zadruga Urbana existence has passed. While many companies and institutions are collapsing, our self-organized community is reinforcing. a variety of our productivity in the year 2014 is a reflection of this.

No matter the bad weather we managed to cultivate: potatoes, arugula, corn salad, cress, black radish, carrot, some garlic, strawberries, apples, one delicious pumpkin and rose hip. Top products of this year were cucumbers, green beans, greengage spirit and mint, that was especially useful during cold winter days.

Three collective gardens of Zadruga Urbana got quite a bit of attention with maintenance work: from mowing, cutting bushes, hoeing, planting and seeding to reconstructing the terraces. Additional watering of the gardens made no sense in the season of 2014. In the fall we’ve invested some additional energy in improving fertility of our patches of land with manure and additional soil and mulch. For mulch we used grass clippings, ash, sawdust and cardboard. We got engaged also in the newly created community of Čolnarska garden, contributing to its establishment and preservation.

In addition to our engagement in Čolnarska community, we’ve also solidarily helped our friends on a farm at Rifnik and cooperated with a collective at Trankovec. We’ve collaborated with A-Infoshopom with Sonaravna sreda, Radio Student, publishing Acerbic distributions, exchanging seeds on Mizzarot bazaar,  collaborated with the Anarchist Book Fair organized by the Anarchist Federation (FAO) – Anarh, with commune Ježarji and other groups and individuals.

Because we are much more than just hobby gardeners, we were also quite socially engaged. We have prepared an emission called “Kilavo seme Evrope” on Radio Študent which escalated to an idea that in October resulted in regular monthly editions of Kilavo Seme (The crummy seed).

We were also cooking public vegan dinners, organized movie night, lectures and discusions in A-infoshop, organized distribution of goods, an exchange market and participated in some community solidarity actions. We’ve presented our initiative in Živko Skvotec in Tovarna Rog, on the event of Urbane Krtine in Novo mesto, in the international event in Faculty of Social Work, in Solun in Greece, on the self-organized camp of Transforma, we gave an interview for a magazine Mladina and stayed engaged on the social media. We also donated some money from our humble money box to some organization with which we collaborate. The great success of last year was also a collective text about de-institutionalization of gardening, which was also translated into English. With the help of Acerbic Distribution we also managed to convert it into a booklet. Of course all this would not be possible without the comradeship and fellowship among us during work and non-work.

We started the new season of the year 2015 with full power. We are hatching new promising plans for our gardens and continuing social engagement. For this purpose we’ve also organized a workshop where we reflected our past activities and planed actions for the future.

Come and join us!



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